Our Source

OysterButler is supplied solely by Clevedon Coast Oysters®, who have been growing oysters in the clean, clear waters of New Zealand's Hauraki Gulf for over 31 years.

As the first oyster production company in the world to obtain organic certification, they produce only the juiciest, ripest oysters from their two farming areas on the Clevedon Coast and Waiheke Island.

The commitment by Clevedon Coast Oysters® to a completely natural oyster is a long term philosophy, earning them recognition as an international leader in the production of great natural oysters.

All Clevedon Oysters are:

– Organically grown in USFDA certified waters in the Hauraki Gulf.

– Processed in NZ Food Safety Authority audited premises approved for export to Japan, USA, EU and the rest of the world.

Growing waters are tested weekly for contamination and toxic algae blooms. When landed, oysters are carefully selected to meet or exceed export specifications before distributing here and abroad.

Please note: OysterButler is a service wholly independent of Clevedon Coast Oysters®. Any advice, opinions or services offered by us are not reflective of, or endorsed by Clevedon Coast Oysters®. Should you have any questions, complaints or compliments, please contact us directly – we'd love to hear from you.